Emerging Job Markets During COVID-19

The world has been transitioning to a more online presence for many years now, but COVID-19 has definitely sped things up. The permanent closing of many brick & mortar stores and companies and an increase in remote work has changed the types of qualifications that are in demand. While restaurants, tourism and hospitality industries fall, essential retail, telecommunications and healthcare industries are rising.

2020 was grim with millions losing their jobs, but there is still hope for 2021, with many predicting that the jobs will be back in most sectors – however, they may look a little different. The following is a list of jobs that are projected to have the highest demand in 2021:

Administrative Assistants:

As businesses work to restructure themselves, admin assistants are needed to help with various tasks in the company such as general office support, answering calls and email correspondence, data entry and other clerical duties.

Customer Service Representative / Sales Associates:

Whether it be over the phone or in-person sales support, companies are searching for associates that can help create lasting impacts on customers. Now more than ever, companies need representatives to help shoulder the burden and assist distressed customers.


There was already a shortage of drivers of all kinds before the pandemic and now the need has increased. Especially the need for truck drivers who can deliver critical medical supplies and keep store shelves stocked.

Financial Analysts / Accountants:

Now more than ever, individuals and corporations need help understanding their financial situations, advice on how to access government funding, financial tax breaks, etc. They need someone to help them effectively manage their finances, provide detailed financial planning and show them the right growth opportunities.

Registered Nurses:

A shortage of nurses is not something new, but with the pandemic causing a surge of patients who need critical care and an overworked RN workforce, more RNs and other healthcare providers are required to keep up with the demand.

General Labourers:

General labourers are needed in all fields across the country, from manufacturing to logistics to construction, there are plenty of job opportunities available.

Project Managers:

With the work environments changing so rapidly, companies are in desperate need of experienced people who can help ease the transition to remote work, keep employees motivated and ensure that the company is meeting their targets & deadlines.


Welding is one of Canada’s highest paying jobs with plenty of opportunities available in several industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, mining, and construction. Demand is exceptionally high for those with their Red Seal Certification.

Electrical Engineers:

As more operations become automated, many industries rely heavily on electrical and industrial engineers to keep the wheels turning so that they can remain open during the pandemic.

Software Developers:

It is no surprise that software developers come up on this list because as e-commerce continues to skyrocket, developers of all kinds are highly sought after. If you can code, design, or build applications or websites, there is a job for you.

Digital Marketers:

As companies shift to a more online presence, they need to raise awareness and bring consumers to their websites. Skills such as social media management, SEO optimization, Google Analytics and Google Ads are in high demand right now.

HR Managers:

Most businesses had to make the difficult decision of which employees to let go and HR managers have been the trusted advisors that they look to make such decisions. Not only are HR managers needed to make hiring decisions, but they also help make remote work policies, reconfigure workflow, organize training and help ease the transition to the new normal.

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