Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at info@edmontonresumeservices.ca or (780) 800-0116 for assistance.

Our service delivery guarantees that all clients receive their customized resume and portfolio documents within 5 to 6 business days from the writer meeting during the writing session. We always go above and beyond to make sure that any revisions or update requests thereafter are completed within 1 to 2 business days.

After conducting a consultation with our office administration team, we will advise you for the best services based on your experience level and customer needs. After that, you can proceed with the services by paying for your custom package.

For clients that are not working or facing financial difficulties, a partial payment is made for scheduling the consultation and the remainder would be due thereafter.

We absolutely update existing resumes by completely modernizing and creating a whole document that is ATS compliant and value proposition driven document that markets professionals across targeted sectors.

All of our clients’ customized resumes are developed by our Master Executive Resume Writer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/samsssz/) Mr. Sam S. who holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources and is a Certified Resume Writer by all prestigious institutions across North America that includes 3 institutions Career Directors International (CDI), Career professional of Canada (CPC) and Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

When choosing us, you’re working directly with an Executive Resume Master that you meet in person if you’re living in Edmonton, Alberta or surrounding areas, or through a Skype session as well.

Most Resume Writers don’t live in the province of Alberta, where they live overseas or in a completely different province and have virtual offices in Alberta, where you never get to meet them in person or be able to get in touch with them after the services are delivered. We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with our clients for a long term and helping them at all times.

For us, customer service is a priority and we are not a one-man operation like other companies, we are probably Alberta’s most prestigious resume writing company, where we have multiple employees on staff to support with daily customer service requests, phone calls, scheduling and all correspondence.

As a Master Executive Resume Writing company, we build all our resumes to be ATS compliant and that’s mainly done through ensuring proper formatting, layout, margins, content and by using keywords relevant for the position to which you’re applying.

We also provide all of our clients with Job Search Strategy & ATS Optimization Booklet to provide them with further support in optimizing their documents for key positions.

All of our clients can get in touch with the writer directly through phone or email. During our first meeting, the resume writer would be meeting in person or through a video or voice conference and all the writer contact information would be provided for further correspondence to every client.

All clients would have unlimited contact with their writer. Our writing process encourages open communication between the client and the writer to ensure their documents are accurate, persuasive, and effective.

Unlike most overseas companies that claim they’d provide unlimited revisions to make a sale and avoid corresponding with their customers after getting paid, we don’t claim unlimited revisions, the client and the writer work closely across all stages of the resume writing process to develop the most accurate Resume, Cover Letter & Marketing Portfolio. Afterward, we encourage our clients to review their delivered documents for any further revisions before we send them the final product.

We want all our clients to be completely satisfied and confident in our work; therefore, if they have any additional revisions or updates down the road, we can provide those at a discounted rate.

We provide the following services:

– Resume and Cover Letter writing

– LinkedIn Profile Development

– In-person Interview Training

– Career Consulting & Coaching

Unfortunately, it would be highly unethical for somebody to claim guaranteed employment as there are many variables that come into play during the recruitment and selection process.

Many factors include market competition, ghost job advertisements, internal company referrals, applicants’ qualifications, job interview success and overall unemployment in certain sectors. As we always mention, we do our best to maximize our clients’ chances in landing job interviews, but we can’t guarantee job offers as it would be all about how you sell yourself at the interview stage.

In addition, having a strong resume doesn’t magically make an individual qualify for the job posting, if you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you still wouldn’t be selected to move onto the next step.

If the client requests to cancel the resume writing appointment in a reasonable timeframe (3 to 4 business days), we will provide the full payment back, subtracting $75 administrative fees.

But after the services are rendered, unfortunately there would be no refund issued under any circumstances, as the writer spends valuable time during the resume writing interview and in developing the customized resume and marketing documents.

“We accept all forms of payments including cash, e-transfer, all major credit cards and PayPal. All payments are done through our secure online payment platform.”
Our Executive Master Resume Writer has more than 10+ years of expertise in the human resources, recruitment and resume writing industry — where we have supported Albertans and Canadians for many years across all sectors and in developing thousands of resumes as a result.

There are many benefits of getting a professionally written resume, which includes:

1- Standing out from the competition.

2- Maximizing your chances of success in landing more interviews.

3- Attaining a higher prestige among recruiters and human resource professionals through a value proposition strategy.

4- Minimizing revenue lost in employment, where you will spend for example $300 -$400 for getting a professional document, which can be as valuable as landing a $50K – $60K annual salaried position.

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