Our Office Services

Edmonton Resume Services is a full service employment & career counseling company based out of Edmonton, AB

At Edmonton Resume Services we distinguish ourselves from competition, by offering customized & unique services to our clients that only very few companies offer.



Free Lancers


The current market state today is composed of free lancers, working to write resumes or cover letters as part-time job or just as a hobby. In  fact they have no real credentials, experience or networking connection to make you successful. For them it only a way to make extra money on the side.

Working From Home


A lot of the HR & Resume Businesses are operating from home or on a virtual address. For them it’s not their profession but rather a way to make extra money on the side.

Based Somewhere Else


A lot of the resume services only have virtual offices in Edmonton but in reality they are operating from other different parts of Canada & the States, they won’t meet you in person.

Pricing Fluctuation


Pricing Range from a free lancer $ 70 to a professional service of about $ 900. We researched everyone and believe it’s not about the profit, but it’s the experience that we provide to our clients to make them successful.

Only Phone Experience


Cause most of the Employment & Resume services is only based from different parts of Canada & the States, you don’t get the privilege to meet & sit down with them in person and explain everything in detail, but rather you only speak with them for 40 minutes or less & you never reach them again.