Resume Preparation for a Job

Before Applying for a job there is a few tips on resume appearance that can give you an edge above competition.

Best Practices for Resume Appearance are as follows:
✓ Your name and contact information can be flush left, centered, or flush
✓ Important information jumps in the recruiter’s face when set off by bullets,
asterisks, and dashes.
✓ Typos and spelling errors are attention killers. They come across as
carelessness or lack of professionalism.
✓ Don’t staple together a two- or three-page resume or put it in a folder
or plastic insert.
To minimize the risk of a page becoming an orphan, put a simple heading
or footer atop each page after the first with your name and page
number. In a multiple-page resume, you may want to indicate the total
number of pages.



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